I would like to thank you personally for showing your personal interest in our Firm, JMKPRODUCTIONS.IN formerly known as JMK PRODUCTIONS was founded in the year 2008. JMK PRODUCTIONS offers media and music production and distribution services for music and entertainment and advertising and marketing industries. The company provides music recording, video production service, films, Additionally; it offers media distribution and brand promotion services.

The Creative, Dynamic, Youthful community is eager for a new source of production music, videos, films and entertainment. We will offer high quality, great music, variety, always something new and exciting, friendly service with a personal touch, simple licensing plans and ... affordability! After serving this industry for years, I wanted to respond to what I felt the creative community needed most, a truly responsive Music Company, which gives true services. I have heard all of the complaints regarding poor service and about the inflexibility of company policies, especially when a small courtesy would have been all that was needed to fix a significant problem. JMK PRODUCTIONS Company will always be immediately responsive to your needs.

While you are on our web site, please take the time to fully check us out. I know that you will love what you see and hear.

You can trust that with JMK PRODUCTIONS Company you will always be treated well and that every one of our clients, large or small is important to us. We will always be your port in the storm and your friend in the professional community. The simple niceties of life will be the rock on which we build our foundation. Of course our music is great too! Flexibility is the key and we will always do whatever it takes to bring you the best value and to put a smile on your face. Your Success Is Our Success! This is what JMK PRODUCTIONS is all about.

Suvashit Raj
Devashish Sargam